Nothing is as un-sexy as shooting a sex scene

The guy is kissing the girl. His heavy breath in her ear, his hands in her hair, her nails in his back, his hand moving under her shirt, she bites his earlobe…

…and a probably sweaty dude kneeling over the two of you, trying not to drop a 20lb camera rig onto your face, between five and twenty people staring at you, and the make-up department didn’t even need to spray you to glisten, because there are four lamps beaming onto you.

Then the director says “Cut!”, and goes… “When you bite her neck, can you angle your face the other way? It’s better for the camera. Your breathing isn’t quite heavy enough, can you turn it up? Don’t bite his earlobe, you’ll block his face, and can you arch your back a bit more? We can’t put a pillow underneath so I’m afraid you just need to hold it.”

Then you do that whole thing fifteen times.

Still think that’s hot?